Hello! My name is Angie (Grish) Drach. I like to make things, resurrect the old into the new and give life to the mundane. I am a graphic designer located in the beautiful Northwest Indiana region, right outside of Chicago. I am a crafter, a flower lover and an avid collector of miscellany. I love color, personality, whimsy and charm.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design in hand, I like to tackle any project that comes my way. From invites to web banners, I love design and no project is too small! Alongside my BFA, I have an Associates of Business in Marketing and an Associates of Business in Management in my arsenal.  Since 2007, I have been kerning letters in an effort to make the world a more legible place. 

I fell into design after pursuing my two Associate degrees. I was still trying to figure out life and not sure what path to follow. I have always been a bit artsy—painting, drawing and journaling when I was small. I grew up in a little town and didn't know much about career options until attending community college. After attending an open house, I quickly learned that my creative lust could be fulfilled by pursuing graphic design. My love for art, colors, type and logic could all play together well in this field. Plus it gave a much needed reason for my desire of collecting; when I learned the word "inspiration" the nitpickers who called me a hoarder backed away. I strongly believe that in this profession it isn't hoarding, it is a collection of artifacts for future necessity, research and inspiration. My dad likes that definition too (but he might be an actual hoarder *wink*). 

When I'm away from the computer, I like to throw events, see family, visit places. I love having game nights, playing Scrabble with my mates is my idea of a rowdy night. Add in some Taboo, LRC, and trivia—it's about to get CRĀ-z in here, who knows what will happen. Fun Fact: I was actually referred to as "The Michael Jordan" of board games during our best man speech, needless to say that brown nosing did him well at christmas. 

It's been a pleasure. Thanks for reading, feel free to send me a note through my contact page or follow me on the social media sites. For more about my work experiences and some awesome recommendations, please see my LinkedIn profile here.